Restaurant design for “The sea casino” at Varna

“Shevitza” is a unique modern interpretation of the Bulgarian traditions.Inspired by mythology and culture of the ancient Bulgarians, we used the colors of the Bulgarian national embroidery and the coded messages from the figures that bear the idea of history and identity.

We have chosen to combine wood and wool, materials that are significant for our cultural
identity and, at the same time highly functional and environmentally friendly. The combination of wood and velvet creates both comfort and enjoyment. The red color is used as a symbol of the fire of life.
The space is used mainly in the evening, but during the day different pictures will be projected on the white panels – landscapes of Bulgaria, symbolic Thracian sanctuaries and selected the history of Bulgaria treasures related to Thracian, Byzantine and Roman civilizations.
The embroideries on each chair symbolize the blessing of life, harmony and happiness.
The ceiling is inspired by a unique and simple, yet perfect in its completeness, functionality and structure of the Bulgarian camp, which our grandmothers used to make fabrics, rugs and carpets. The round table also carries symbolism – completeness, integrity, excellence, but also communion.